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CabbotroN's Journal
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Thursday, March 28th, 2013
11:36 am

trip 7 to Hawai'i. 2013 after my 7-month visit with dad in Colorado, I added onto my house with this octagonal diamond 16-feet wide structure.

11:26 am

okay this is Cabbot... this is my first test of this LiveJournal app on my android. after framing in my roof yesterday I'm feeling really lazy right now. at least it stopped raining.

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011
11:46 am

I am in Hawai'i for the 6th time.

1. 1983 with family, did the hippy thing
2. 2005 worked Kona bay, picked out land
3. 2006-7 built house, framed house
4. 2008-9 after finished college; met Kris
5. 2010 Built on my house, windmills, solar
6. 2011 after Tiffanie/Caelum.

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011
1:53 pm
First try at LochJournal
This is my frist post using LochJournal. I haven't posted on Livejournal for a long time and that kind of bothers me, and my intellectual mind is suffering lately. I noticed a university associate friend of mine using the livejournal plugin for facebook...but apparently that was discontinued. I am currently stuck in Oregon right now pending litigation of a court case that I will win on the 21st of April.
Sunday, January 2nd, 2011
1:30 am
Happy new year!
I woke up this morning with a blister on my heart.
Monday, September 27th, 2010
1:50 pm
Tiffanie Notes after she again fails to see me...
For whatever reason, you are not being present in my life...when that is what I'm loooking for.

I feel like your not walking with me in the present...and if your not capable of that, I will wait for you. But...this kind of waiting is the worst torture Charles warned me about.

Do NOT make me wait until after our baby is born to be present with me. I expect to know:

Where you live;
Who you live with;
What you do when your not contacting me regularly, and why;
Why you display symptoms of having psilocybin in your system;

These are itemized concerns I have about you.

Current Mood: crazy
Wednesday, September 8th, 2010
3:49 pm
I'm having a baby...so this is my first letter to him!
My Dear Son,

Can you hear my text alarms when they vibrate and beep at you when I text your beautiful mother? If not, I’m so sorry...just know that I haven’t neglected you. Maybe she can turn up the volume…If she keeps her phone in her pocket, maybe I can send you a lullaby mp3 of me singing, to help you sleep…if you feel any unsettling energy coming from mom’s chakra, just go ahead and eat it! Don’t worry because it’s not poison…it’s food that is going to help you grow to be a strong man like me.

Please don’t worry, because as soon as you both are here I will take care of her the best I can, as soon as she’ll let me. Meanwhile…make sure to keep growing strong! You’ve been growing amazingly fast for just six weeks. You’ve beat all the statistics I’ve found! You’re growing so fast, that when my uncle Jack saw your sonogram, he thought you were a 3-month-old baby already! And…he’s a doctor, so can you believe my reaction? Which reminds me, try to save a little food for your mother. She loves you dearly, and is doing the best she knows how. I also love you, my son…so keep you’re spirits high!

You are NOT illegitimate…and you have been waiting a long time to come. I’m so very sorry someone stopped you from developing the first time—but you know as well as I do that us SANDERS BOYS don’t quit—no matter what! In our dreams, we can see beyond the veil, before, during and after life. And soon, when you wake up to the light of day, you can use those eyes for the first time. And…I will be there to hold you.

Sorry I can’t be any closer to you right now…I miss you too! Once your mom can come see me, we will be close. I will teach you how to communicate like a pro—so don’t worry about any lack of communication chemicals in your brain now...because I’ll provide those to you when you start speaking English…on day 444 of your life!

Your excited dad,


Current Mood: excited
Tuesday, June 15th, 2010
3:58 pm
As I fly back to Portland,I wonder what will unfold to me in my life.
As I fly back to Portland,I wonder what will unfold to me in my life. I was arbitrarily happy in Ocean View Hawaii, bugt that just isn't going to cut it for me. I can be only partially happy, or I can be completely happy with the way my life is going. I know that if I am doing something I completely believe in, I will be completely happy...b ut if not, I will always doubt my own actions...which I don't want to do. Here, from 36,000 feet, I address the issues that have been standing before me whilst I have continued to remain ignorant. The issue I face is that of this last year; my being with a married woman. She is technically separated--yes--but this means nothing to me because she never made ANY attempt to even be legally separated. For all I know, she was still married to the guy...other than what she said. I had to continue to put her in her place regarding what she was doing...and that bothered us both. Finally, on the way to the airport, she told me that I wasn't the first one this happened to...there was also another man before me. So then, it becomes apparent that she will continue to go through men--one by one--making them less capable of their potential by being with them instead. Now, this brings it to my current state; am I any better? I have been doing this myself to an extent. Lynn was really after me...but why? Sure, she is lonely and wants a nice buff guy. Sure, she wants to do her business that she believes in because that was the only way she could be rescued from Indonesia and move to Hawaii and marry that man Jim. Sure, it all makes sense that she became stimulated by my subtle friendly advances that I seem not to be able to control...because from my perspective there is no difference between Linn and Kristina in that they are both legally married and are estranged from their husbands. These aren't even their first husbands--so are they are ruined completely? Well I shouldn't bother with that answer; even if I believe that The Word Of God says so.

So what do I do now? Wait for my house to sell and be free of the place called Hawighya? I plan on it. This is a big step in my life, much as many of the steps I've recently taken have been big ones. I look into my old career, and notice there are more and more movies taking place that I feel I would have been involved in, but was not because of my decision to move to Hawaii. Should I make a move? You bet. What should that move be? I know the answer...it's where my passion lies, it's where my entire life has led me. Everything in my being leads me along this path. Patience is something I have learned by being here on the Big Island...and patience is what I needed most. With patience, God can perform his most perfect work through me.

Speaking of God, Yahweh, King of the Universe...this person whose image I am created, that only through belief in Him can I achieve my life dream. If I am doing something contrary to this belief, how do I expect to achieve the desires of my heart? Rhetorically put, I cannot. Instead I must stay diligent to what I believe in--and that is to SELL THE HOUSE--MOVE back to OREGON--both physically, AND MENTALLY. Kristina could not believe how "topsy turvy" I had become, and I am glad to finally tell her as to why. Lynn came to see me...but she is no different than Kristina, and it broke my heart to communicate that to her, even non verbally by my nonverbal cues. God gave me enough strength to not sleep with her that final night...and for that I am so grateful!

I feel empowered now to do THE PLAN. What is this plan I speak of? Plan of the Skybolt reactor? Or the plan of Market America?? The phrase "THE PLAN" has been taken over in my short-term memory thanks to my voluntarily watching many of these Market America videos... which this company I've invested in. Do I believe these products will help me? Yes I do. Do I want to promote these products and integrate that with the plan of a new nuclear technology to replace fossil fuel? You bet I do. How do I intend on doing that? By resourcing my skills together with my connections in Oregon. The house will sell, and I will use that money for my future quest.

Speaking of future quest, I will load my spreadsheet:

$38 thousand 172 dollars 99 cents. That is my take-home dollar amount if I sell my house.

38 grand ain't much--but it's something. It sure is more than I had before--16 grand--and it's a starting point, albeit only little. How can I take 38 grand and turn it into a million? Let's do a CD equation: 4% compound interest compounded annually:

38k*1.04 (damn I forgot the formula--I gotta find my math notebook!)

I have to piss, there is a loud ass squawking baby that WON'T SHUT THE HECK UP...my seat neighbor is a Maui native and has lived here since the 60's...and I'm sure he has many wild stories to tell. He only told me one story so far....but now it appears that we will not be talking too much at all over the next 4 hours.
It seems so crazy to think I am changing 3 time zones. It doesn't even seem like my day started...yet I look outside the 767-400's window and see the sun setting behind me in a sea of crimson clouds. I took two pictures of the sky. It's 5:30 PM now in Hawaii...but 8:30 PM where I'm going. It's the weirdest thing to see happening...I can only imagine what it's like going to SE Asia! Only my dad would know. Indiana Sanders....He must write that book!

Current Mood: dorky
Sunday, June 6th, 2010
2:45 am
Tonight, in the middle of the night at 2:45 AM the silence of the night was interrupted by this arcane tapping sound. This tapping sound was condensed moisture coming off my gutter down onto my water tank screen, which shields the water in my tank from evaporation and bugs.

Occasionally between 1 AM and 4 AM on a crescent moon, the wind abruptly stops and I can hear the tapping of the moisture was loud enough to wake the dogs in my neighborhood...dropping about 8 feet. My solution has been a downspout of 3" pipe...but it kept blowing off of my tank from the excessive wind. TonightI fixedthatby tethering the bottom of the downspout to the tank with 10 guage wire....and pounding thedownpoust deeper into theedge of thegutter with an extra 2x4. Later the next day, I secured the top of the downspout to the gutter with more wire. I hope this works during the next wind storm...then I also hopethis place will sell. I need to make a list of the things I need to pack! Now it's 4 AM Sunday morning...

Current Mood: awake
Thursday, February 18th, 2010
7:22 pm
Josh and I one cold dark night on the mountain...hooking up water!
--Cement in the pump platform, then re-secure the water pump to the pipe

--Hook up T fitting and drill side-hole into basement

--Follow diagram for 2 sinks and install hose fittings

--drill holes to kitchen sink: 2 for h/c

--Assemble and glue all the 4" pipe to road.

--Install and glue new hose connectors on pump!!!

--Hook up grey-water drains for 2 sinks: 2" holes

--Drill out grey-water drains! (1-1/2" drain pipe)

--reposition check valve and shorten tube length to pressure sensor

we we're so cold at Cabbot's house, that we had to turn on the refrigerator to stay warm!!!
Saturday, February 13th, 2010
2:35 am

T minus 1041 days.
I told my realtor: 41 days
"You have 41 days to make $3,750 dollars"
and I'll have my 40 grand
I'm leaving march 23
or thereabouts
if I can do a short sale, we can use the cash
but if I wait 7 years, I may see $20,000 more if the Earth is still the same financial frequency...
but I believe it's going to be worse...a lot worse.
so the question is this: can we do what is necessary to build a reactor with a startup capital of $40k in 7 years of time?
I wonder if I should jeopardize the risk
if the risk is low, then I'll surely give in to the idea that something in 2012 may happen to disable our reactor construction. If the risk is high....and I won't be able to do anything with that kind of money...then what can I do? Surely I don't want to begin without the capital I need...I already did that once before I had to fight the biggest problem of all--my self!
if there is a way to reinvest my 40k and turn it into 80 within 2 years, would that be worth doing?
this is what my mom and Brent logistically told me.
but there is no guarantee it will happen in time.
on my terms

and even if it does work, we'd only have 24 months until I proposed to have a working reactor.
Do you think we could build one if we had 80 grand in 2011? in that case we'd only have 1 year but 80 grand.



I think there is too much risk to reinvest it in real estate again. ::LOGIC::
not enough time to see the return before building a reactor ::RATIONALITY::
the return is actually speculated…but and will mean I have to work really hard on real estate for 2 more years
my lowest risk is to sell this house for 48k and somehow use it strictly to build a reactor


With 600 coming in for bills, 48k will go a long way toward equipment.
But...what type of equipment do we need?
Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010
1:23 pm
Water Heater Steps at Beach House...
1. Set the water heater timer to work again. I had it disabled (the On and Off pointers removed) because it seemed the Sun was doing the job.
Would you please set it up to heat the water between 2pm and 4pm? That way if it is cloudy it will heat the water up.

2. Purge air out of the solar collector and its water lines. The way to do this is as follows:
a. Make sure the collector pump is running. I don't know if you can force it on with the controller or if you just have to waste some hot water until the pump kicks in.

b. Open the spigot on the return line. Obviously you should be very careful as there could be very hot water coming out. Putting a hose on the spigot to direct the water away from where you are working is a good idea. This hose should be as short as possible. This is the line coming into the bottom of the water heater w/o the Grundfos collector pump.

c. Shut off the valve on the collector return line to the water heater. The pressure pump and the collector pump should push water up through the collector fast enough to carry any bubbles down from the roof and out. Let me know if you hear any bubbles coming out. If so, perhaps we should do this periodically.

Take a look at the ceiling of the water tank area to make sure there is no water leaking from the collector system from inside the attic. This happened once due to a pin hole leak in the copper tubing caused by corrosion.

Text me or have Kris text me when you are down at the house and I'll call the house line (you can't call long dist.).

Thanks a lot!!
Wednesday, January 27th, 2010
2:46 am
Can't sleep...
I cleaned my house...but I cannot sleep--too excited. A real estate guy is coming tomorrow. his name is Roleigh. He's coming to assess my house and list it on the market on a commission basis. I cant wait to work something out with him--a final step toward funding for the reactor!
Friday, January 8th, 2010
12:28 am
Treat Williams quote
"the scam is all about the white people--sending black people, to engage in war on the yellow people, to defend land THEY STOLE--from the red people!"
Sunday, January 3rd, 2010
7:30 am
Too much salt??
Heart felt like it was going to exlode out of my chest when my alarm sounded this morning.

I feel a knot in my chest...and I have been profusely yawning lately as well. When I yawn and completely open my chest, my lungs 'shake'. A shake like a grand-mal seizure in my chest. I tried to ignore it over the past month and a half (since thanksgiving) but I must address it now. I exercise alot, and yesterday was spent all day blazing a road tol the back lof my lot.
Afterward, I finished off the chicken by microwaving it after coating it with a bottle of spices I purchased full of lemon pepper, tumeric and salt...which was sea salt; I can feel it now.

My experience is that the sea salt is cheapest to obtain in Hawaii, therefore most salts available here are sea salt...which has made my resting heart race 5 times now. Not only race, but with a blood pressure that is unusually high. Why is my heart doing this? I started freaking out again this morning...thinking that I only have so many beats left and am 'wasting them.' of course that is rediculous...but there must be a legitimate reason: my body's reaction to the salt I coated my reheated microwave chicken with last night. The chicken is farm-raised, pumped with growth hormones like creatine and argenine...then fed to me, who was already supplimenting himself with those things. That makes for an overload of hormones.

Also: when my heart beats this fast from the salt, I experience a rapid break-down of the proteins of the hormone-fed chicken: this causes the hormones to attack my organs as they're in over time operating on a resting heart rate.

What should I do? Eliminate salt and meat from my diet for 2 weeks. I cannot forget that my grandfather died of a heart attack at age 90 because of his rediculous love for meat.

My elbow is still sore from within...
Tuesday, December 1st, 2009
11:30 pm
Great quote I found today.
"Fundamental change doesn't occur through spectacular events, but through reflection, careful planning and a willingness to tackle deep-seated problems."
Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009
6:28 pm
Today on my laptop in the sky, I saw on youtube...
one was like a slide show showing all these still shots of golden eagles getting big and small awesome shots!!

then...a live-action shot of a small deer running in a field and getting tackled by a golden eagle, flipped over

one chewing on a white tail deer cub in the middle of a river stream

Looks like a few ravens were bothering a golden eagle who had it's catch...

one showed NO ACTION...just a golden eagle watching over a herd of antelope!

this one with orchestra music was very well done, some of these eagles were white with black dots...eating carcases! then the chase with this big ass white tail deer...that one wouldnt load all the way.

Czech republic???

Same video with heavy metal music

eagle mountain goat hunting: LAST ONE! some close ups, "uselessjunk.com"?
then some violin horror music as this sucker DIVE BOMBS a goat! It looks like a bat, not an eagle! Then it whips it over the ledge and in SLO-MO it carries it out and lets go!! takes the goat like 400 feet in the air and drops it in slow mo!!
Tuesday, October 20th, 2009
8:32 pm
At home again, long week so far...
It's Tuesday, October 20th 2009.

Am I happy with how my life is going?

Acceptance. This seems to be the key....

I must accept:

1. That there was never any gold in the Cam Ranh bay area.

2. That I must remain a castaway and work on this house in Hawai'i for another 6 months at least, until the spring.

3. that mary jane use is a factor in my search for Kona employment.

4. that my current path with women will not lead to any children.

5. that my skin may take a toll if I am not careful to guard it from the sun.
2:22 pm
At home again, long week so far...
It's Tuesday, October 20th 2009.

Am I happy with how my life is going?

Acceptance. This seems to be the key....

I must accept:

1. That there was never any gold in the Cam Ranh bay area.

2. That I must remain a castaway and work on this house in Hawai'i for another 6 months at least, until the spring.

3. that mary jane use is a factor in my search for Kona employment.

4. that my current path with women will not lead to any children.

5. that my skin may take a toll if I am not careful to guard it from the sun.
Monday, October 5th, 2009
11:21 pm
I've missed so many entries this year...but I'm in Hawai'i again!
So now, I wonder who all has wondered about my whereabouts over the past 9 months? I've returned to Hawai'i, built some on my land and am finishing my power system there. Meanwhile, it's high-altitude rock-raking and getting numb hands from doing it. Not to mention trying to salvage broken solar-panels because they're so-damn expensive---$2.65 a piece! I've now purchased 200 of them...yea, I know--spendy! but once I get my power system running, I'll be energy-independent FOREVER!

Not that I already am. In fact, I have already made my entire roof filled with windmills...made from automotive electric cooling fans from Travis's used car lot. It feels so great to be a mad-scientist again!

Current Mood: determined
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